"Anti-cancer" cows have successfully cloned milk for the first time

The GM cow had a birth weight of 38 kg and was in good health.

The GM cow had a birth weight of 38 kg and was in good health.

The myth that “the milk of genetically modified cows can be made into anti-cancer cures” has now become a reality. Recently, Beijing Kerun Weide Biotech Co., Ltd.'s genetically modified animal testing base (formerly Fairview Embryonic Center) successfully cloned the transgenic cow of the human CD20 antibody gene, “Beibei”. This is the first case of transgenic cows in China that have acquired the transgene gene, and it is the first time in the world that a transgenic cow has been converted to the CD20 gene.

It is understood that "Babe" was born at a weight of 38kg, which is not significantly different from other calves in appearance. After careful monitoring by experts for one week, the physiological indicators of "Babe" were normal and the health conditions were good. There are more than a dozen cows that have been "cloneed" with "Bebe", and they will also be born one after another in the near future.

"Bebe" and its dozens of "sisters" are special because the milk they produce grows up to contain the human CD20 monoclonal antibody, which is currently the specific drug for treating malignant tumors such as B lymphoma. At present, American experts can produce human CD20 antibodies through mammalian cell culture methods, with annual global sales of more than 3 billion US dollars. However, such human CD20 antibody drugs are expensive to produce, expensive, and require $16,000 for a course of treatment (injection four times), which is a huge burden for most patients.

The "Babe" milk contained anti-cancer drugs in their grown-up milk and reduced the production cost to 1/10. This opened up a new way for the production of monoclonal antibodies, resulting in cancers such as B-cell lymphoma in the world. Patients bring the gospel.

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