ZH-100B metering pump profile

In front of Asia, we have had contact with the ZH-100A-type metering pump it, today Xiaobian introduce ZH-100B-type metering pump. Below, Xiao Bian mainly introduces the following aspects, including uses, characteristics and technical specifications. This is only ZH-100B metering pump profile, more ......Reading more

Performance parameters of YMKL wear and corrosion resis…

YMKL type wear-resistant liquid pump has a reasonable structure, easy maintenance, long service life, the pump is suitable for conveying temperature at 0 ℃ ~ +100 ℃, with solid particles, abrasive and strong Corrosive media. With this question, the following is a description of the perf ......Reading more

FYU anti-corrosion wear-resistant liquid pump the scope…

FYU anti-corrosion wear-resistant liquid pump is a new type of modified ultra-high molecular polyethylene plastic submerged pump, than the original YU polymer submerged pump more wear-resistant and more resistant to corrosion, with Not easy to damage, no external leakage, reliable operation, the pr ......Reading more

Stainless steel gear pump and ordinary gear pump where …

Although the working principle is the same, and the efficiency of work is similar, but the material between the two is a vastly different, so they are used in different working conditions are also different , The following on the difference between the two introduced. Stainless steel gear pump and ......Reading more

Hebei Kun Teng Pump Co., Ltd. ZGB series slurry pump fe…

ZGB series of slurry pump is Hebei Kun Teng Pump Co., Ltd. in order to meet the needs of the development of power, metallurgy, coal and other industries to create products, this series of pumps extensively draw on advanced technology and research results at home and abroad, the main Has the followi ......Reading more

2016 Top Ten Brand Tiles Ranking

Word of mouth is a brand of quality assurance, good brand reputation naturally will not be bad. Chinese people are particularly fond of watching things like the top ten brands or the top three rankings. In fact, this is also the power of word of mouth. It is often said that the eyes of the people ......Reading more

Indoor ceiling material which effect is good

Indoor ceiling material? The standard of living has improved, and the requirements on the home environment have also increased. Many owners will carry out renovations after purchasing a house, and the ceiling is almost every situation that the decoration will encounter. From the author's point o ......Reading more