Corn needs water to sow to emergence

Although the amount of water required is small, it is very critical and important. Adequate and appropriate lyrics are the main factors to ensure the whole seedlings of corn. Before the sowing, sufficient bottoms are required. If there is insufficient sensation, it should be timely watered and supp ......Reading more

Summer solstice, high temperature, vegetable management

After the summer solstice, it enters the sky, the temperature is high, and the light is enough. It is the longest solar energy in the day. In the flood season, the rainwater increased; various crops grew vigorously, weeds and pests proliferated rapidly, and field management needed to be strengthene ......Reading more

Engineering plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump working pr…

Engineering Plastics pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery, engineering plastic diaphragm pump is mainly used for conveying acidic liquid and user requirements pump machine light weight conditions, light weight and easy to move. Engineering plastic diaphragm pumps using ......Reading more

Wire price wire crafts production method and process

"Wire" is the abbreviation of "Railway Fans", ie, railway enthusiasts, and it widely represents railway fans, train fans, subway fans, and track fans. The production of wire jewellery racks needs to be processed in several steps, from the straightening of raw materials, pressin ......Reading more

Monitor common faults and solutions

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] The use of monitors has brought indelible contributions to the society. However, there are sometimes some faults, image distortion, distortion, unsynchronized behavior, and even no input signal failures. 1. The potential difference between ......Reading more

How to make wear-resistant layer of 1500 single-tube cy…

The cyclone dust collector is a dusty gas that enters the ash hopper from the tuyere, and a part of the coarser dust particles and the condensed dust clusters directly fall due to inertia, and play a role of pre-collection. The airflow entering the ash hopper is turned upside down into the tank, a ......Reading more

These lights are only available from the restaurants of…

What are your requirements for your favorite restaurant decoration? Xiaobian I only have one request, the lights must look good, otherwise I have no appetite for dinner. If you are like Xiaobian, then you have to take a good look at this article. The color tones should be chosen as far as possible ......Reading more