^Congratulations to Haoqing Electric 6 explosion-proof …

Congratulations on Haosen Electric Explosion-proof Emergency Light Emergency 518 minutes successfully developed Congratulations on Haoqing Electric Explosion-proof Emergency Light|Emergency 518 minutes R&D success|Jiangsu|Chemical plant|Explosion-proof emergency light|Ningxia|Petrochemical ar ......Reading more

New regulations on bolts and screws

The wedge load test of bolts and screws (excluding studs) mainly modified the aperture size of the wedge load test wedge pads. It is added that the wedge load test does not apply to the provisions of countersunk screws. The impact test of the machined test piece increases the specification of the i ......Reading more

Home Hardware Enterprise Development Target Forecast An…

The status of hardware in the home is so important, but the domestic high-end home hardware market and the profitable brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware companies. According to statistics, the total import and export volume of China's hardware industry reached 74.923 ......Reading more

Prison fence mesh razor wire installation

Introduction to the installation of the barbed wire of the prison fence network. In order to enhance its protective function, the barbed wire is generally installed above the mesh. There are generally three types of blade barbed wire; 1. Straight type installation: This installation method The adv ......Reading more

Keep indoor ventilation to prevent solid wood floor fro…

The raw material of solid wood flooring is natural tree species. If you do not pay attention to maintenance during use, it will breed bacteria and bring harm to your family's health. Maintaining ventilation in the living room is the most economical way to maintain solid wood flooring. The ......Reading more

Gasoline fire protection and explosion safety knowledge

Gasoline is a colorless or light yellow, volatile liquid with a self-ignition point of 250 to 530 ° C and an explosion limit of 0.76% to 6.9%. Gasoline is a flammable product that can ignite even in contact with tiny Mars, and can burn quickly over a wide temperatur ......Reading more