Grundfos frequency conversion pump model fully explaine…

In recent years, China's industrial water and residential water consumption continues to rise, which led to many pump companies for water-saving inverter pump thinking. Throughout the variable frequency pump market, Grundfos inverter pumps come out on top. So what Grundfos frequency conversion ......Reading more

Customized wooden doors have to say four points

The change of the times The finished furniture is getting less and less recognized by consumers. The house prices are getting more and more expensive, and the housing area is getting smaller and smaller! Too much consumption can't afford it. Furniture can effectively use t ......Reading more

Living room decoration tiles to buy skills decorate cha…

The living room is the area where the main activity of the family is, so the ground materials need to be durable and durable, and most families will choose tiles to decorate the living room floor. What are the living room decoration tiles buying skills ? Next, we will learn together to learn about ......Reading more

European sent integrated ceiling how Europe sent integr…

Have you heard of Europa's integrated ceiling? Do you know how the Europa integrated ceiling ? Guangdong Oupai Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing and sales range hood, gas stove, water heater, disinfection cabinet, electric heating, electric fan, ventilati ......Reading more

Strawberry root rot prevention is not difficult

Strawberry root rot is mainly harmful to the root system. It begins with lateral roots or newborn roots at the beginning of the disease. Light red or brown irregular patches appear in the early roots, and the color gradually darkens to dark brown. With the development of the disease, all the roots ......Reading more

What brand of shower room is good 2016 Chinese shower r…

The modern shower room is exquisite in appearance and modern. More and more diversified shower rooms have a variety of styles. Some are purely made of glass, while the simple ones have a transparent sense of space. People are increasingly demanding bathing. The brand of the shower room on the mark ......Reading more

Points to note when operating centrifugal pumps

When the centrifugal pump is started, the pump shaft drives the impeller together to perform a high-speed rotary motion, forcing the liquid precharged between the blades to rotate. Under the action of the inertial centrifugal force, the liquid moves radially from the center to the periphery of the ......Reading more