See feed quality safety from feed production and proces…

The whole process of feed production refers to a series of processes starting from market research, after product development and design, product process preparation, raw material procurement, production organization, control, inspection, packaging and storage, sales and service. The criteria for m ......Reading more

Three tips for cleaning and maintaining tiles

Three tips for cleaning and maintaining tiles Method 1: Use a multi-purpose decontamination paste Tiles are often stained with greasy, rust, scum, etc., especially in tile joints. To keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the porcelain surface, you can use a multi-purpose decontam ......Reading more

Why stainless steel screws headshot

In many cases, companies manufacturing stainless steel screws will find that the screws will have headshots. This phenomenon, for many people, does not know what to do. Here we tell everyone why the stainless steel screws will be headshot phenomenon. In fact, stainless steel screws produce headshot ......Reading more

Global copper enterprises in May collectively scraped p…

Abstract After the financing of copper letters of credit ceased and the regulation of foreign exchange funds was strengthened, since May, Jiangxi Copper, Jinchuan Group, Minmetals Nonferrous and other domestic copper leading enterprises have started to stop production and reduce production wi ......Reading more

How is the use of isoproturon good?

Isoproturon is a commonly used herbicide in wheat fields. It can control grass weeds and some broad-leaved weeds. At present, there are many products registered in wheat fields. 50% isoproturon WP is the main variety of weeding in wheat fields in recent years. The characteris ......Reading more

Experimental Study on SiC Composition in Refractory Pro…

Sample decomposition method selection, decomposition method According to data, SiC is stable, insoluble in hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and other acids, but soluble in molten alkali. In this paper, Na2O+KOH and KNO3+KOH are used to melt the gas lamp, respectively. After leaching with hot wat ......Reading more

How to choose the correct choice of ceramic tool materi…

Abstract New tool materials with great potential With the development of modern science and technology and production, various new difficult-to-machine materials are widely used in products. Traditional carbide tools have been difficult to meet production needs, while ceramic tools are excell ......Reading more