Chinese good furniture advances into the Central Plains

The Hubei Furniture Industry City project, which undertakes the industrial transfer of Guangdong, is undergoing a hot construction and is competing for the “fifth pole” of the Chinese furniture industry. How to create industrial clusters by attracting industrial tr ......Reading more

Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry development s…

[China Aluminum Industry Network] With the rapid development of the national economy in recent years, the construction industry has gradually become saturated, and industry competition has also been more intense than ever. If the market competition does not advance, it will be retired. This is the ......Reading more

Energy situation is not optimistic

[China Aluminum Industry Network] aluminum doors and windows curtain wall is actually an extension product of aluminum extrusions and aluminum extrusion products. At present, most of aluminum profile factories in China have directly entered the production area of ​​aluminum doors and ......Reading more

Bathroom ceiling bathroom installation points

For the decoration of the bathroom and bathroom, how to reflect its quietness and security has become a focus of the decoration company. The humidity and moisture in the bathroom are relatively heavy, so it is more stringent than other rooms during the renovation. There are several points to note ......Reading more

Li Keqiang's 2014 Foreign Visits: The Infrastructur…

Abstract The infrastructure going out, capacity docking, and financial support became the key words of Premier Li Keqiang's 2014 foreign exchange visit. On the evening of December 20, the official visit of Kazakhstan and Serbia and the attendance of the SCO, China-Central and Eastern Euro ......Reading more