Has your home geothermal pipe cleaned?

Is your home's geothermal cleaning?
Geothermal heating has been gradually accepted by the world due to its advantages of high heating efficiency, good thermal cycling effect, not occupying indoor effective space, and strong heat storage performance. Due to its characteristics of comfort, high economy, etc., geothermal heating has now become widespread. Promotion.
With the recognition of geothermal heating, the cleaning and maintenance of geothermal heat has become a new topic for our geothermal users.

1, the indoor temperature is reduced year by year According to statistics, in the heating process, the increase of 1MM of scale on the inner wall of the geothermal pipe will cause the ambient temperature to decrease by 6 degrees.
2. The water quantity of the geothermal pipe is smaller than that of the geothermal pipe used in previous years. After 2-3 heating periods, the calcium, magnesium ions, and biological sludge residues accumulated in the pipe have become compacted. If it is not timely cleaned, the internal diameter of the geothermal pipe gradually changes. Narrow, water flow will be less than in previous years, continue to use, easy to cause embolism, loss of heating function. Only by destroying the ground, replacing the geothermal piping can solve it, causing serious property damage and inconvenience to your life.
3, cleaning time geothermal pipeline can be cleaned all year round, the best cleaning time is the end of the heating period, this time cleaning can be completely deposited biological sludge and impurities completely removed to ensure normal use during heating, so that geothermal The cleanliness of the pipeline welcomes the arrival of the next heating period.
4. The cleaning method does not need to destroy the ground and various facilities when cleaning. It only needs the equipment to connect with the water separator. The connection point is at the plug of the water separator core plug, and the plug core plug connection device can be opened! The cleaning uses a combination of physical pulses and drugs, and the dirt is pulse washed after soaking and loosening.

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