4 transmission methods commonly used in video surveillance

Security practicers in the practice of monitoring, according to the different environment of Party A, will adopt different programs. With the correct construction plan, one will improve the stability of the monitoring system, the second will improve the construction efficiency, and the third will reduce the cost. Today, the author tells you about several options or methods for digital surveillance in terms of data transmission.
One camera requires one cable for one power supply and one network cable: power cable and network cable. The power cable transmits 220V AC, and each camera needs a power supply to supply power. The network cable is used to transmit data to the recorder. Both are indispensable.
In this way, the POE switch uses only the 8-core network cable as the transmission medium, and the power cable is no longer needed. The transmission distance can reach 160 meters. Some manufacturers are said to use the non-standard mode to reach 250 meters.

What are the advantages of using POE switches for monitoring projects?
1, no need to cloth power cord, save materials, save labor, improve construction efficiency!
2, pure weak electricity construction, no risk of electric shock, no fire hazard!
3, no longer use the power supply, reduce the probability of failure, reduce maintenance costs!
4, with the storage bracket, the project is more beautiful, acceptance is easier to pass!
5, reduce the construction difficulty, easy and easy to get started!
What are the other benefits, friends who have used Putian POE switches can experience it!
Fiber + transceiver, so that the transmission distance is farther. When the distance of monitoring exceeds more than 100 meters, under normal circumstances, the network cable can do nothing. At this time, fiber optics is generally considered. The distance of the fiber can reach 20 kilometers!
Optical fiber uses light to transmit data and needs to work with fiber optic transceivers to get the job done. Fiber optic transceivers are used in pairs to convert optical and electrical signals. As shown below:
Fiber optic transceivers are available in hundreds of megabits and gigabits, depending on the number of cameras installed.
Fiber optics are cheap and have long transmission distances and are used extensively in surveillance projects. However, the optical fiber needs to be welded, and the welding equipment is expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to find a special person for the welding, which requires a certain cost and requires a certain time. This point makes many engineering companies discouraged!
Of course, if it is a leather fiber, it can also be cold-connected. Cold junction tools are relatively inexpensive. Even so, cold-connecting tools are not available to every engineering company, especially those who rarely use fiber optics.
Wireless bridges, wireless transmission monitoring video In some construction environments, the use of wired methods has been difficult. For example, communities that have hardened roads, elevators, factories that have already been built, open areas far away, wild and so on. In these environments, there are relatively large difficulties in using wired methods. At this time, wireless bridges come in handy.
A wireless bridge converts network signals into radio waves for point-to-point transmission. Used in pairs. Due to point-to-point directional transmission, long-distance wireless transmission can be achieved, from a few hundred meters to tens of kilometers.
The only requirement for using a wireless bridge is that there can be no occlusion between the transmitting and receiving ends. Accessibility is required so that signal transmission is stable.
Wireless bridges can be divided into 2.4G and 5.8G according to the operating frequency.
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