The new house decoration process introduced to understand and reinstall no regrets

Presumably the first time buyers are relatively young, and therefore, it is normal for the decoration to start. This is a normal phenomenon. If you do not understand the new house decoration process, you will be in a rush and spend more money. So the process of new house decoration seems complicated and redundant, but we can make it simple and interesting. Here we learn together the process of new house decoration , friends who are interested in collecting it!

New house renovation process

1, pre-design

We should first have a vision and structure in mind. It is a key link in the decorating process and requires detailed measurement of each space, including the area (tiling, wall paint, wallpaper, floor), and the need for design placement. The size of the wall of the furniture reminds us not to forget to go to the property for start-up procedures and pay the decoration deposit.

2, the main demolition reform

Then the construction phase begins. The first contact is the demolition and reconstruction of the main structure. The simple one can be considered as the first to build a framework, including demolition of walls, walls, shovels, and replacement of plastic steel windows.

3, hydropower reform

Then there is the hydropower project, but we have to remember that we had to do the first measurement of the cooking area cabinet before this, although this time we can't get the actual content, just the location reserved for the developer's water inlet and range hood. Make some related suggestions. Such as: socket arrangement of the outlet location, the location of the water meter is appropriate, the location of the inlet is easy to install the sink, etc., after the completion of the waterway renovation is to do waterproofing, including the bathroom.

4, woodworking

The main tasks include standing pipes, ceilings, lines, and cabinets.

5, tiling

This is a common process that all families need, including the fixing of lintel stone and stone window sills. First, the former can be done together with the floor tiles, or it can be done afterwards. The latter needs to prepare glass glue for marble after the window covering is done. The closed treatment of the window cover, then the first appearance of the home improvement hardware is the floor drain, which is jointly installed with the floor tiles. After the bricklayer leaves the floor, the cabinet can be measured for the second time.

6, brush wall paint

Finally, the work is done on the wall surface to see what kind of materials it uses. The treatment of the wall surface is also different. If you need to paste wallpaper later, you only need to do the grass-roots level processing. If it is painted, then you need to deal with the grass-roots level first. Leveling - primer - topcoat, but note that each process needs to be completely dry before proceeding to the next.

Summary: Well, about the process of new house renovation first introduced to this, in fact, there are many installations in the late suitable, need to pay attention to many places, more learning, I hope this article can help you.

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