Plastic pipe processing to make common sense that you have to know

The plastic pipe is generally made of plastic resin as a raw material, adding a stabilizer, a lubricant, etc., and is formed by extrusion in a pipe making machine by a plastic method. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, no bad smell, easy processing and convenient construction, it has been widely used in construction engineering. It is mainly used as piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipes, and threading pipes for wire installation and the like for building water supply systems.

Plastic pipes are available in two categories: thermoplastic pipes and thermoset plastic pipes. The main resins used in thermoplastic pipes are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (aBS). Polybutene resin (PB), etc.; the main resins used in thermosetting plastics are unsaturated polyester resins, epoxy resins, phenolic resins, and the like.

As knows, experimental use of high-visibility clothing began in 1964 on the Scottish Region of British Railways, and now, the Hi-vis Safety Vest is a basic necessity of personal protective equipment. It is widely used in railway and highway, airport, construction site, or riding, exercising. 

The main components of these vests are fabric (highly visible) and reflective strip, usually yellow, orange, red or black. Depending on demand, it can also be flame retardant, antistatic, Basic Style Safety Vest, Multi Pocket Safety Vest, Children Safety Vest and Sports Safety Vest etc. 

Where some may think that a vest is just another disposable item of PPE, we see it as a lifesaver ! We care about wearer safety and wearer satisfaction. We don't just sell garments from stock, you can also customize. All of our vests can be  print or embroidered any logo and are quality products at very competitive prices.

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