What are the key elements to be aware of when purchasing different types of used plastic bottles?

Recycling used plastic bottles is an important means to reduce the production costs of enterprises and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. How to choose a variety of recycled plastic bottles? According to the type of plastic bottle, there are different selection points. The purchaser should select the plastic bottle suitable for the company according to its own characteristics.

First, the mineral water bottle. Mineral water bottles are generally relatively clean, because they are transparent, and there is no water to see them. The main thing to note is: first check if there are no PVC bottles, estimate the content of PVC bottles, then look at the color, estimate the color. The content of the bottle is higher as the price closer to the primary color is transparent, and the price closer to black is lower. Look at the thickness of the bottle, because some bottles are thicker, some are thinner, thicker bottles are processed faster, the materials are beautiful, and the price is high. Thin bottles have low yields and poor whiteness and low prices. Then estimate the content of other impurities.

Second, the milk bottle. Most milk bottles are made by HDPE. Generally, just look at whether the milk inside is clean. Because the milk bottle is not transparent, it can't be seen if it is not cleaned. Please check carefully if it is more milk. It will be stinking when the time is long.

Third, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles and so on. These bottles are more complicated, and the materials used by various manufacturers are different. The materials of these bottles include: PET, PVC, HDPE, etc.

These bottles are generally opaque in color, and most of the contents in the bottle are not completely cleaned, so the processed materials are relatively low in color. It is worth mentioning that the price of such PET and PVC bottles is relatively low. The quality of general bottle materials is relatively good. The purchase of bottles is the most important. The external impurities can be seen on the surface and can be estimated.

However, it is difficult to see clearly if there is no water or other impurities in it. Therefore, the procurement of bottles is more difficult, and it should be carefully checked and carefully evaluated. control risk.

Fourth, the water material is broken. The procurement of broken materials must first be consistent with the overall quality of the materials, followed by the quality of the materials, the color, and the purity of the materials. Several materials should pay attention to:

1, PP, PE broken material. Look at PP and PE will not mix, check whether mixed with other plastics, you can put some into the water, see if there is no sinking, then check what is sinking, if there is no other material sinking , the description only contains the filler, if there are other materials, then the sinking of this material will be difficult to handle, the color will be reduced, and the price will be reduced.

2, aBS. First look at the mix of PS / HIPS. What is the color of the mixture, because the price of aBS mixed with PS/HIPS is much different from the price of pure aBS, there is no way to separate them. The more the ratio is mixed, the lower the price, the worst is 50% each, aBS Mixed to PS is the worst, mixed with HIPS also has a great impact on the quality of aBS.

Then check if there is any other plastic mixed, there are several kinds of other plastics mixed, what is the ratio of each, there is no way to separate them, there is no value. Then look at whether there are other materials filled, mainly adding glass fiber, flame retardant materials, and adding will affect the quality and value of aBS. Also depends on whether the regring material produced by the recycled material.

3, PS, HIPS. PS / HIPS mixed problem is not big, mainly mixed with aBS, mixed with aBS to PS / HIPS the same reason, they are also no way to separate. The method of viewing is the same as viewing aBS. PS has good compatibility with calcium carbonate, so check to see if it contains filler powder. The more the filler contains, the higher the specific gravity and the lower the price.

4, PVC. First look at the plastics that have not been mixed with PC, PMMa, POM, TPU, PBT, PET, etc., because the specific gravity of PVC is also large, if it is mixed, it is difficult to separate. If the PVC nozzle is mixed with PP, PE, EVa can be separated by water, mixed into aBS, and PS can be separated by brine. Then look at the quality of other impurities and materials, PVC can be filled with high calcium carbonate, clay, kaolin, can be filled up to 70%, the higher the filling, the lower the price; good gloss, high transparency, good toughness The quality is better. Therefore, be careful when purchasing.

5. Other broken materials. Other engineering plastic nozzles such as PC, Pa, POM, PBT, PPS, PPO. Due to the small amount, some engineering plastics are modified, which has certain difficulty in identification. It is difficult to separate if doped into other plastics. Some of the value of fiberglass reinforcement is very low, and it is very troublesome to mix several engineering plastics. Many mixes can't be separated, so the quality and purity of engineering plastic nozzles is very important. The profit of engineering plastics is relatively high, but the risk is very high. If the procurement is wrong, it will lose more. Procurement personnel are advised to undergo professional training. Unprofessional procurement personnel should be careful. They must be optimistic when purchasing, carefully evaluate and control risks.

Summary: Waste plastics business profits and risks coexist, procurement is an important part of profit, in the purchase of waste plastics must pay attention to: quality, impurities, moisture, composites, filler content, mixture, high temperature materials, thermosetting plastics, Color, color. Only by controlling the risks can we be in an invincible position, and only when we purchase good materials can we increase our profits.

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