China's good furniture outlets, original brands, independent institutions, forced plagiarism

Where are the good furniture in China? Can you buy furniture that is truly individual and practical? Has the furniture product that looks like the same in the home city have changed? Can the design of furniture be better and can the quality be higher? The above questions are the answers that most consumers who are passionate about their home life want to get when they come to the furniture season.
And we have seen hope from the 18th China International Furniture Fair that just ended in Shanghai. Different from the previous “only looking at the business”, the participating brands of the China Furniture Fair pay more attention to self-expression. No matter in the layout of the booth, or the design and placement of the products, they all show their own personality. For the desire of consumers to find "good furniture", the original designers are more and more rational, and they have come up with more grounded products. In addition, many new forces who love original design also concentrated on the exhibition, hoping to use their enthusiasm as a catalyst for making "good furniture."
The era of zooming in and making your own personality curling up in the corner has long since passed. Nowadays, in the eyes of consumers and industry insiders, the definition of "good furniture" is to understand the market demand, meet the standards of use, be able to express their own characteristics, and be able to do To be cost-effective, if there is enough original design content, of course, better. Therefore, after spending a lot of time, energy and financial resources to understand the market demand, Chinese furniture manufacturers are eager to try and conquer the public with their integrated charm.
From September 11th to 15th this year, the 18th China International Furniture Fair was successfully held in Shanghai. The Guangsha Times saw at the exhibition site that the self-expression awareness of furniture brands has risen. The layout of the booth is more intent. It is directly different from the simplicity of the past. Many brands have arranged their booths with their original design styles. Some even use the booth as their original works. Among them, the number of booths of domestic brands such as how many, Mumei, acf:, Amoy and Yangshi are the most eye-catching, rich raw materials, environmentally-friendly recyclable works and arrogant fabric curtains have become the core elements of the exhibition.
In addition, the Chinese manufacturers' exhibiting products are obviously more systematic. In addition to the mature market-oriented brands taking out the new series of exhibitions in 2012, the original design brands that have been neglected by domestic and foreign buyers have concentrated their efforts this year, or reloaded. Going into battle, or upgrading, they have exhibited their best design products, and the product line is relatively complete.
Under the influence of the established thinking that Chinese consumers only “use” furniture and not “reward” furniture, domestic original design was once neglected, but with a group of original designs. With the unremitting efforts of brands and designers, originality has slowly been set off, and it faces the dual pressure of consumer demand and market competition.
“When can Chinese original design furniture products enter people's daily life and become 'good furniture' that can be used at a distance?” Obviously, Chinese original products always appear as “extraordinary” and “alternative” images. This is not very satisfying for many consumers. Fortunately, this has also been greatly improved this year. At this year's China International Furniture Fair, the author was pleasantly surprised to find that “original” officially became a pivotal member of the exhibition. Not only did the domestic original brands become independent, but also attracted many domestic and foreign original brands in the Shanghai World Expo Park. Get together. Through the three-year change of the “original” in the Shanghai International Furniture Fair, it is not difficult to see that China has made rapid progress on the road from “manufacturing” to “creation”.
And these original brands that are gradually getting on the right track have also come up with furniture products that are closer to life. The Chinese furniture of “俭舍” combines the ancient and modern popular elements, and the mix of Western furniture also complements each other; “There is a paperwork” The paper furniture technology is more mature and the appearance is more visible, and it has changed from a conceptual work to a highly market-oriented product; the “how much” and “woody” furniture products are attractive, environmentally friendly, and useless. Convenient and affordable. In this regard, Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that “original design” will continue to be the next development focus of the Chinese furniture industry, and the industry of “original” and “market” will be given higher attention.
Struggling to fight fake plagiarists has nowhere to hide. It is trying to be their own original strength. On the other hand, they are eager to use “plagiarism” to save costs and increase profits. The road of “creation” of Chinese furniture is not destined to go too easily. However, although the Chinese furniture company is still very young in the pursuit of “original”, the consumer and furniture market prefers to see the “innocent” design, and does not want to see “mature” plagiarism. In the past two years, as some furniture brands have emerged in the “original design”, there are also many “lazy” furniture companies that have begun plagiarism against domestic counterparts.
At the 29th China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair in March 2012, Stefano Cecchini, Chairman of TRECI, Italy, unexpectedly discovered that his furniture products were imitated by the domestic brand “Peacock King” after the exhibition, and just ended in early September this year. The “new plagiarism door” was reproduced in the furniture fair.
Subsequently, Scania, the general distributor of imported children's furniture brands such as Fulaisha, Mannich and Lifetime, provided “Guangxia Times” with “Imitated” at Dongguan Furniture Fair. Picture evidence, comparing the product images of the two brands, it is not difficult to see that the 2012 new products exhibited by Pine Nut Children's Furniture are exactly the same as the representative tree house of Scania's lifetime. In this exhibition, the original furniture brand Innovative President Yang Jianwei personally led a scene of "fighting war", making the copy of its various products manufacturers Maxwell was caught off guard.
These counterfeiters hope to make the "replica" difficult to retreat.

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