The professional standards of furniture designers will be "fine-tuned"

The "Furniture Designer" professional standards and training materials review meeting was held recently in Tangshan. The meeting discussed and revised the professional standards of "Furniture Designer" and approved the "Furniture Designer" training materials.
It is understood that, in view of the 2007 edition of "Furniture Designer" professional standards can not fully adapt to the current status of the furniture industry, the China Furniture Association was entrusted to organize experts in the industry to amend it, by Peng Liang, Dean of the School of Art, Shunde Vocational and Technical College, number It is easy to submit and is submitted for consideration at this meeting. The experts at the meeting discussed the revised draft seriously. The meeting finally decided to still make slight adjustments in terms of “basic requirements”, “work requirements” and “weight tables” according to the “four levels” design of the 2007 version of the standard.
Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, told reporters that experts are currently reviewing the revised "Furniture Designer" professional standards, and will be transferred to the China Light Industry Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center as a formal opinion to submit to the national human resources and social security. The Ministry examined and promulgated. After that, according to the adjusted professional standards of "Furniture Designer", on the basis of the existing teaching materials, the content will be separated according to the standard 4321 level, the book will be edited into a book, and a set of basic knowledge will be compiled. . The textbook is expected to complete the final review within this year.
The furniture industry has a long history in China. Due to the high requirements of furniture designers, they are in short supply of talents in the entire Pearl River Delta region where the manufacturing industry is developed. Furniture designers can be divided into three major sections: stylists, craft designers, and structural designers. At present, the demand for original works and original designers in China's furniture design is very urgent. Professional furniture designers are very scarce. With the rapid development of the real estate market, the interior design industry is developing rapidly. There are many interior design companies in the country. It is necessary to absorb many talented and creative furniture designers to enter the interior design industry and the decoration industry to engage in interior furniture design and furniture design. The career prospects of the division are optimistic.
The furniture designer is a professional designer who designs various furniture products according to the nature of the use of the indoor space, the environment and requirements, combined with the manufacturing process and aesthetic principles. Furniture designers should design various furniture products in combination with manufacturing process and aesthetic principles; conduct on-site measurement, and provide tailor-made services and accessories matching services for customers; prepare standards for furniture raw materials; solve technical problems of furniture products; Product standardization and improvement of furniture production technology and promotion and application of new process technology. Be a furniture designer to have basic conditions: Bachelor degree or above in industrial design or related major; Proficiency in computer graphics; Proficiency in various design software (3D, CAD); Strong expression and sense of space, form Perceptual and hands-on ability; good at coordinating communication, proactive and creative.
At present, the occupation has the following positions in the division of labor: furniture designer of decoration company, furniture designer of furniture company, etc. Furniture companies generally pay attention to product development and design, but because of the shortage of furniture designers, the salary of such talents is all the way. The monthly salary of the newly-entered line is generally around 1,500 yuan. Those who work for two or three years can generally get more than 3,000 yuan. The monthly salary of senior furniture designers with strong comprehensive ability is mostly between 5000-17,000 yuan. In addition, the enterprise will also Give bonuses based on market reaction.

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