Eight batches of unqualified items for wood furniture in Shenzhen include formaldehyde release

Recently, with the continuous exposure of indoor furniture formaldehyde incidents, the issue of furniture environmental protection has once again become the focus of attention. According to the inspection by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of 85 wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises in the country, enterprises with excessive formaldehyde accounted for 76.9%, with the highest exceeding 116 times. In this regard, the industry pointed out that in the process of processing furniture, once the formaldehyde content of the sheet, glue, paint can not be guaranteed, the formaldehyde content of the furniture will unconsciously exceed the standard.
The formaldehyde in the office table exceeded the standard, and the joint parts of the bedside table were unstable. In the sampling inspection of 392 batches of wood furniture products in 8 cities in the province issued by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, 8 batches of furniture produced by 8 enterprises in Shenzhen were detected, accounting for one-eighth of the total number of unqualified products.
According to the notification from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, there were 49 batches of Shenzhen products. The test results showed that 65 batches of wood furniture were unqualified, and the pass rate was 83.4%. Furniture that detects quality problems includes office activities, cabinets, bedside tables, bedside tables, and coffee tables. The unqualified items that appear include formaldehyde emission and woodworking requirements.
The 8 batches of wooden furniture that failed in Shenzhen sampling were produced by 8 enterprises. The specific name can be queried by the public on the website of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. Therefore, it is particularly important for furniture companies to strictly control the quality of the coatings used in the processing.
To do this, the furniture factory can proceed from the following aspects: First, improve the self-discipline level of the industry. At present, the popularity of environmentally-friendly furniture paints such as water-based wood lacquers is relatively limited, the coating requirements are relatively high, and the prices are relatively expensive. In the case of soaring raw material prices, some furniture manufacturers choose to use less inferior paint products for painting. Therefore, the furniture industry needs to improve the self-discipline level of the industry and advocate the environmental protection of the entire furniture industry chain. The second is to promote the use of environmentally friendly furniture lacquer. Some companies with strength and commitment to the development of environmentally friendly furniture can be connected with coatings companies to promote the popularization of environmentally friendly coating products such as waterborne wood lacquers, light curing and powder coatings. Third, the furniture factory should strictly control the quality in the production process. Some furniture factories believe that the paint used for furniture painting has nothing to do with itself, does not implement factory inspection, and also strictly controls in the production process. This is a misunderstanding. Furniture factories also need to improve production levels, control raw materials and various processing links to ensure environmental protection of furniture.
At present, the country has not completely unified the equipment and methods for formaldehyde detection. The furniture industry also needs to control the quality of coatings through industry self-discipline, and help solve the problem of excessive formaldehyde in the source, so that consumers can buy peace of mind. Have peace of mind.

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