Flowers that bring wealth (1)

Planting flowers and reminding money to teach skills, flowers, occupies a very important position in Feng Shui, because it is easy to buy, but also in line with the natural Feng Shui law. The range of applications of flowers in feng shui is very wide, and it is used to block cockroaches.

First, rich bamboo

Living room: The variety to be used in the living room includes Fuguizhu, Fortune, Penglaisong, Qiyelian, Fortune Tree, Money Tree, Lucky Tree, Clivia, Orchid, Cyclamen, and Orange. These flowers contain good luck and good fortune.

Rich bamboo is also known as Wannian bamboo. Its leaves are thick green, growing and growing. It is generally used for family bottle insertion or potted maintenance, especially the “tower-like” shape that has been circulated from Taiwan. It is also known as “opening bamboo”. It has high ornamental value and is popular in the international market.

Second, the red luck of the head: Fortune is the flower of the bromeliad, the flower is open at the top or the middle of the plant. The fortune of the Fortune is flourishing, and the colors are red and bright, and it has a festive atmosphere.

3. Penglaisong: Penglaisong is a perennial evergreen shrub that is ideal for potted plants. Flower beds can also be arranged in warm places. It has simple cultivation and management, and is good for negative tolerance. It is suitable for medium and small pots for indoor layout and is also an excellent material for flower lining.

4. Seven-leaf lotus: Seven-leaf lotus is cold-tolerant and drought-tolerant. It is an evergreen vine shrub with many branches. The stems are endemic with aerial roots. The palm-shaped compound leaves are alternate, with 7~9 leaflets and long ovals. , dark green, fine petiole. The flowers are yellowish green, flowering in autumn and winter, red and yellow berries, and ripe in spring. Suitable for garden beautification or potted plants.

V. Fortune tree: The rich tree is an evergreen tree with a height of 8-15 meters and no more than 2 meters in potted plants. Palmate compound leaves, 5-7 leaflets, many branches. The flower is large, up to 22.5cm, the petals are cracked, the color is red, white or light yellow, and the color is gorgeous. The indoor viewing is more than a pile of landscape potted plants.

6. Money Tree: The money tree is a perennial evergreen plant. It is an extremely rare foliage plant with underground tubers. It is native to tropical Africa. China was introduced from the Netherlands in 1997 and appeared in Fangcun and Shunde Chencun, Guangzhou. The money leaves are thick and the leaves are bright, just like a coin linked together. Therefore, it is named after this.

Seven, Clivia: Clivia is a famous greenhouse flower. China has two species introduced from Europe and Japan. The former flower is small and drooping, and it is called Laughing Clivia; the latter is large and upward, and it is called the flowering Clivia, which is the most common species currently cultivated. The color of the gentleman orchid is green and lustrous. The flower looks like a torch. The color is orange-red and dignified. It is the ideal potted flower for beautifying the environment. The flowers of the gentleman's orchid are drooping, subtle and subtle, elegant and solemn, and have a charm.

Eight, orchid: Orchid is a orchid, is a monocotyledon, a perennial herb. It is 20 to 40 cm high and has a long tubular shape. Leaves clustered from stems, linear lanceolate, slightly leathery, 2 to 3 pieces into a bundle. Orchid is a traditional Chinese flower, a flower known for its fragrance. The orchid is unique in its leaves, flowers and fragrances (Qing Qing, Qing Qing, Shen Qing, Yun Qing), giving people a very high and clean and elegant image. Ancient and modern celebrities have a very high price for it, and they have been hailed as a gentleman in flowers.

Nine, cyclamen: Cyclamen alias rabbit flower, is a perennial herb of the genus Zijinniaceae. Cyclamen is a commonly grown flower that is suitable for growing indoor flowerpots and greenhouses for winter. Some cyclamen of cyclamen have a strong aroma, while some have a light or no aroma.

X. Kumquat: Kumquat, also known as kumquat, belongs to the genus Rutaceae and is a famous fruit-seeking plant. Especially in Guangdong and Hong Kong, many people bought Tujili for the Spring Festival. Kumquat is an evergreen shrub. Flowers solitary, white, aromatic. Most of the fruit is Oval, golden yellow, shiny, and some varieties are edible.

11. Yellow Rose: Dining Room: The dining room is where the family gathers for dinner. Yellow, orange, yellow and orange flowers such as yellow roses, yellow carnations, and huangsuxin can be used to increase appetite, harmony and warmth to promote the health of the family.

Rose is known as the flower of love and is a deciduous shrub of rose. The stem has a thorn and a strong aroma. The yellow rose is the collective name for the yellow line in the rose, symbolizing pure friendship and good wishes.

12. Huangkang Nai Xin: Carnation is carnation, a plant of the genus Dianthus, distributed in the temperate zone of Europe and Fujian, Hubei and other places in mainland China. It is native to the Mediterranean region and is one of the most widely used flowers in the world. . As a symbol of Mother's Day, pink carnations are often used as flowers for mothers.

Thirteen, Huang Suxin: Frangipani is a vine shrub with branches drooping and ribs. Leaves elliptic or ovate, apex acute. Flowers solitary or several cymes inflorescences. Flower exterior pink. White inside, rich in aroma, flowering from March to April. Suitable for garden construction.

Fourteen, Wenzhu

Study: The study should be full of scholarly atmosphere, it is best to put the flowers in their own Wenchang position. Available in Wenzhu, Fuguizhu, Mangosteen, Ivy, etc. These flowers can be active in people's thinking, and they can learn and work.

Wenzhu is also known as Yuntaisong, T. chinensis, and Yunzhu. It is a perennial evergreen vine-like foliage plant and a famous ornamental plant. It is a plant of the genus Liliaceae. With root medicine, it has the effect of treating acute bronchitis and relieving cough, and has lung function. It is mainly based on potted foliage and is also an important leaf-cutting material.

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