How is the use of isoproturon good?

Isoproturon is a commonly used herbicide in wheat fields. It can control grass weeds and some broad-leaved weeds. At present, there are many products registered in wheat fields. 50% isoproturon WP is the main variety of weeding in wheat fields in recent years.

The characteristics of isoproturon are mainly manifested in four aspects: First, the spectrum of killing grass is wide. Isoproturon has good control effect on most grass weeds in wheat fields such as Mai Niang, Japanese Mai Niang, hard grass and wild oats, especially for the malignant weeds with rapid increase in population in recent years. . Although the pesticide has been used for many years in production, it has not yet been determined that weeds are resistant to isoproturon. Second, the application period is wide. The drug has both soil blocking treatment and stem and leaf treatment effects, and can be applied from wheat sowing to wheat seedling jointing. The third is that the drug has a short residual period in the soil and is safe for the later crops. Fourth, the cost of medication is moderate, and farmers are easy to accept.

In order to achieve the best control effect of isoproturon, it is necessary to use the quasi-time, the quasi-drug amount, the sufficient amount of water, and even spray during use. The optimal application period of isoproturon is the peak period of weed emergence before winter, and the weeds are too large when used in spring. It is only used as a remedy. Generally, 62.5 grams of pure medicine per acre before winter can achieve higher control effect. The water consumption per mu is guaranteed to be more than 30 kg.

According to the China Pesticide Network , isoproturon has good safety to wheat, but it will reduce the anti-freezing ability of wheat seedlings. After the drug is cold, it will easily produce “frozen phytotoxicity”, which will cause yellowing and growth inhibition of wheat seedlings. There have been. The use of isoproturon in wheat fields should avoid the first cold spell in winter to ensure the safety of medication. After the first cold current, the wheat has undergone low temperature exercise, and the antifreeze ability is enhanced. The field that has not been used in the early stage can be controlled by the “cold tail warm head”, which can ensure the herbicidal effect and the safety of the wheat seedling. In addition, the rice in the paddy field is weak during the symbiotic period with rice, and the drug resistance is poor. It is necessary to apply isoproturon after the rice is harvested after the rice is harvested. The paddy field must be drained after refining to prevent "wet phytotoxicity".

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