See feed quality safety from feed production and processing

The whole process of feed production refers to a series of processes starting from market research, after product development and design, product process preparation, raw material procurement, production organization, control, inspection, packaging and storage, sales and service. The criteria for measuring the pros and cons of the production process are: high yield, high quality, and low consumption. For us, it is to implement total quality management and produce products that meet the quality requirements with the least cost. RfA China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving livestock

1. Insist on organizing production according to standards. Standardization work is an important prerequisite for quality management, and it is the need to achieve standardized management. "No rules are not square." The standards of enterprises are divided into technical standards and management standards. Technical standards are mainly divided into raw material auxiliary materials standards, process tooling standards, semi-finished products standards, finished product standards, packaging standards, inspection standards, and so on. The management standard is to regulate the behavior of people, regulate the relationship between people and people, and regulate the relationship between people and things, and to improve the quality of work and ensure the quality of products. It includes product process specifications, operating procedures and economic responsibility. The degree of enterprise standardization reflects the level of enterprise management. To ensure product quality, enterprises must first establish and improve various technical standards and management standards, and strive to support. The second is to strictly enforce the standards, to standardize the quality of materials in the production process, the quality of people's work, strict assessment, rewards and punishments. The third is to constantly revise and improve standards, implement new standards, and ensure the advanced nature of standards. RfA China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving livestock

2, strengthen the quality management mechanism Quality management in the production process to play the following functions: First, to ensure the function, that is, check. Through the inspection of raw materials and semi-finished products, identify, sort, and reject non-conforming products, and decide whether the product or the batch of products is accepted. Unqualified raw materials are not used, unqualified semi-finished products are not transferred to the next process, unqualified products are not shipped out; second is the prevention function. Information and data obtained through quality management provide the basis for control, identify problems and find out the causes in time to prevent or reduce the occurrence of non-conforming products; third, the reporting function. The quality management department reports the quality information to the person in charge of the company in a timely manner, and provides necessary quality information for improving quality and strengthening management. To improve quality management, first, we must establish a sound quality management organization, equipped with quality inspection management personnel and equipment and facilities that can meet the production needs. Second, we must establish a sound quality management system, and implement layers from raw materials to finished products. The layers are checked and the original records are made. The production workers and quality control personnel have clear responsibilities, and quality tracking is carried out. At the same time, the functions of production workers and inspectors should be closely combined. The inspectors should not only be responsible for quality inspection, but also the functions of guiding production workers. Production workers can't just control production. The products they produce must be tested first. They must be combined with self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. Third, the authority of quality inspection institutions should be established. The quality inspection agency must be under the direct leadership of the person in charge of the enterprise. No department or personnel can intervene. The unqualified raw materials confirmed by the quality inspection department are not allowed to enter the factory. The unqualified semi-finished products cannot flow to the next process. The products are not allowed to leave the factory. RfA China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving livestock

3, the implementation of quality one-vote veto product quality depends on the quality of work to ensure that the quality of work is mainly a human problem. Therefore, how to tap the positive factors of people and improve the quality management mechanism and restraint mechanism is an important link in quality work. Quality responsibility system or economic responsibility system with quality as the core is an important means to improve people's work quality. The core of the quality responsibility system is that enterprise management personnel, technicians and production personnel should combine responsibility, power and profit on quality issues. As the quality management of the production process, we must first analyze the quality functions of each position and personnel, that is, clarify what responsibility each of them has on the quality issue, and what is the standard of work. Secondly, it is necessary to closely link the product quality of the post personnel with the economic benefits, and the rewards and punishments are clear. In addition, in order to highlight the importance of quality management, we must implement a quality “one-vote veto system”. It is to use the quality index as a hard indicator of the assessment. No matter how good the other work is, as long as there is a problem with the quality problem, it will be rejected by one vote. RfA China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving livestock

4. Grasp the key factors affecting product quality and set quality management points or quality control points. The meaning of quality management point (control point) is the special management measures and methods adopted by the manufacturing site for quality characteristics, key parts, weak links and major factors that need to be controlled under certain conditions and under certain conditions. The factory is in a state of good control and guarantees the required quality requirements. Strengthening management in this area requires professional management personnel to systematically analyze the overall enterprise, identify key areas and weak links and control them. RfA China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving livestock

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