Why stainless steel screws headshot

In many cases, companies manufacturing stainless steel screws will find that the screws will have headshots. This phenomenon, for many people, does not know what to do. Here we tell everyone why the stainless steel screws will be headshot phenomenon.

In fact, stainless steel screws produce headshot phenomenon is the main reason or because of the use of stainless steel screw wire material quality, quality is not very good, stainless steel screw wire contains impurities, purity is not high. Before we talked about the selection of stainless steel screws, there is a major reason is the technical and technical problems of production technicians, may lead to production of cracks in the head of the screw cracks, stainless steel material expansion rate is greater than the average steel, so choose With suitable wire diameters, the wire needs to be spheroidized or coated with stainless steel when it is cold-forged. This measure should reduce the number of headshots. There are of course many reasons. The specifics are yet to be examined. Anyway, if stainless steel is used, Screw headshots, much more to find the cause, different degrees of exposure are caused by different reasons.

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