What are the advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood furniture? Is sandalwood furniture good?

Traditional Chinese medicine is unique to Chinese medicine drugs, the most famous of which sandalwood, always a friend asked recently Xiao Bian, how about doing sandalwood furniture, sandalwood furniture What are the advantages and disadvantages, Xiao Bian after careful inquiry, summed up a Dry goods, let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Analysis of the advantages of sandalwood furniture

1 Anti-corrosion buried in the ground can not rot for thousands of years, so the emperor's coffin mostly uses sandalwood.

2 Sandalwood has a fragrant smell. It is recorded in the ancient book that this kind of furniture is not poisonous, so using it as a wardrobe or bookcase can prevent some mosquitoes from invading clothing and calligraphy. Modern tests prove that the test proves that the sandalwood is resistant to wood The erosion of termites and the resistance of marine life-drilling animals are also strong.

3 If you touch the bed made of sandalwood furniture in winter, you won't feel the feeling of being cool. Winter is not cool, summer is not hot, and it doesn't hurt your body. Other hardwoods don't have this excellent feature.

4 sandalwood furniture is also not easy to deform, rarely curled, because the texture is not easy to deform, not only the expansion and contraction is small and the nail strength is quite good.

5 fine and beautiful, exquisite and unusual sandalwood wood is warm and soft, the new cut wood surface is yellow with green, and it encounters rain and exudes Chen Chen fragrance. The objects made of sandalwood do not have the feeling of hard state, the shape is beautiful, the golden light shines under the light, but it is quiet and innocent, quiet and low-key.

Analysis of the disadvantages of sandalwood furniture

1 Because of the small amount of production, it is difficult to have quality tree species with varying quality.

2 The grain and the annual ring are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough. The overall aesthetics given to people is not very good, especially some sandalwoods of different quality are more obvious.

3 material is heavy and not easy to handle. It is easy to smash in the handling process, resulting in a decline in overall aesthetics.

4 The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is prone to cracking.

5 material is greasy, easy to return oil at high temperature. People have a greasy feeling.

The advantages and disadvantages of sandalwood furniture are introduced here first . For more information on sandalwood furniture, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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