How to reduce the construction time of the rhinestone pipe jacking machine

It is in the original heavy oil pipe jacking to improve the current water injection drill pipe, the water pipe jacking machine is simple and reasonable design. Bazhou Changxin specializes in producing various types of rhinestone pipe jacking machines. The application of rhinestone pipe jacking machines is suitable for small-sized pipe jacking, such as water supply companies, water conservancy construction, communication pipelines, and crossing highways. The rhinestone pipe jacking machine features small size, light weight, high work efficiency, and easy operation.

Rhinestone pipe jacking machine, also known as water pipe jacking machine, special pipe jacking machine for water conservancy projects, is characterized by its small size and flexibility, changes the working efficiency of the hydraulic pipe jacking machine, the general soil jacking speed is 5 seconds, is an ordinary hydraulic pipe jacking More than ten times the speed, and the top rod adopts the high-strength water-injectible top rod. During the process of work, water is used to change the residual soil into mud outflow, thereby reducing the top friction, and also changing the soil quality. toughness. The rhinestone pipe jacking machine is equipped with an alloy drill bit in front of the pipe jacking machine. When a solid object is encountered, it does not slip or slip. However, it directly affects the speed of the process. When using it, distinguish whether there are other objects underground. Small-sized pipe jacking machines can generally use straight-top pipe jacking without water injection in the case of small-diameter, short-length pipes, which greatly saves working time.

Tempered Glass is one kind of safely glass being produced by heating flat glass to its softening point. Then on its surface forms the compressive stress and suddenly cool down the surface evenly, thus the compressive stress again distributes on glass surface while the tension stress exists at the center layer of the glass. The tension stress caused by outside pressure is counterbalanced with the strong compressive stress. As the result the safety performance of glass is increased.

Flat Tempered Glass

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