How to repair the glass door maintenance glass door tips

The glass door is popular with the public because of its transparent appearance and simple shape. It makes our field of vision wider. The glass door is prone to malfunction when used. How should glass door repair work be done? Below, Xiaobian shares some tips for repairing glass doors and daily maintenance tips for glass doors. I hope to help everyone.

First, repair the glass door - accessories problem

There are many gadgets on the glass door. If it is used for a long time, it will wear out and cause a functional failure. We can replace the accessories so that the glass door will return to normal.

Second, repair glass doors - glass doors can not open and close

If the glass door cannot be opened and closed, we can see the situation of the pulley. Many times, the glass door has problems. It is caused by the pulley. If there is a problem with the glass door pulley, we need to remove the glass door. Lubricate the pulley track and restore the glass door as it is.

Third, repair glass doors - glass doors drooping

After the glass door has been used for a long time, there will be some sagging more or less, and the reason for the drooping of the glass door is that when the glass door is installed, the capacity of the glass door and the ground spring is not taken care of, and the glass door droops. The maintenance method is to replace a floor spring that has a greater bearing capacity than the glass door.

Fourth, repair glass doors - open and close the door with noise

When the door is opened and closed, the glass door makes a sound. It is very likely that the glass door spring is rusted and damaged. You can buy one again according to the size of the glass door. If only the spring screws are loose, just tighten them.

Fifth, daily glass door maintenance knowledge

1. The glass door is clear and transparent, with high aesthetic appearance. However, its impact resistance is limited, even if it is a solid tempered glass, if you use too much force will crash. Therefore, it must be taken care to avoid severe expansion.

2. Always clean and maintain the glass door, especially the components can not accumulate dust debris, otherwise it may damage the internal structure of the parts. Ventilate well after cleaning, otherwise it may cause metal corrosion and corrosion.

3. Periodically inspect the various components of the glass door and replace it as soon as a problem is found, avoiding minor problems becoming a major problem. Some parts can be lubricated on a regular basis, making them easier to use.

Article Conclusion: The above describes the knowledge and skills maintenance repair glass door for everyone, usually glass doors are the most prone to problems of its parts, once found fault must be resolved immediately. Our usual maintenance work is also very important and can extend the service life of glass doors.

Glass door glass door

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