Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry development seven major circles

[China Aluminum Industry Network] With the rapid development of the national economy in recent years, the construction industry has gradually become saturated, and industry competition has also been more intense than ever. If the market competition does not advance, it will be retired. This is the grim fact that every company faces. Then, in the next few years, what should be the development of the curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors and windows industry in China? What are the future prospects for aluminum alloy doors and windows products and what new products should companies develop?

Over the years, all types of building doors and windows in China have always been in the low-grade, low-price circle, this strange phenomenon is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, plastic doors and windows can replace other types of doors and windows: plastic doors and windows in the insulation is incomparable advantages, but for now the technology, any materials, doors and windows can be made of energy-saving insulation doors and windows.

2, the use of a large number of sliding windows: In recent years, the use of sliding windows in China's building windows and doors are particularly large. In fact, as far as the physical properties of the doors and windows are concerned, the properties of the sliding window are all poor, especially in terms of insulation and sealing performance. The state should vigorously promote the use of casement windows.

3. What is the reasonable price for building windows and doors in China? All types of building doors and windows in China are always in the low-grade, low-price cycle. It seems that everyone thinks that at present, the price of building windows and doors in China should be around 200-250 yuan/m2. However, people in the industry stated that doors and windows with prices of around 200/m2, whether they are aluminum alloy doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, or color doors and windows, cannot produce good quality products.

Actively develop and popularize new materials, new technologies, forcefully eliminate some of the poor quality products and materials, carry out international cooperation, introduce advanced foreign technologies and products, accelerate the advancement of China’s building technology, and save national energy. The development direction of doors and windows.

4, the development of high-quality aluminum alloy insulation doors and windows: its insulation aluminum profiles can be used in many forms, "pressure layer process", "perfusion process technology", "aluminum profile + PVC" composite aluminum window frames. Aluminium insulation doors and windows were first widely promoted in northern regions, and public buildings in the south of the Yellow River must also use insulating glass aluminum doors and windows with good performance.

5. The promotion of the use of insulating glass is vigorously promoted; the use of insulating glass in China is less than 1%, and it is rarely used in the area south of the Yellow River. In addition, the quality of insulating glass used in most of northern China is also poor.

6. It is not easy to use plastic doors and windows in high-rise buildings; tests have shown that due to the low elastic modulus and poor strength of plastics, they should not be used in high-rise buildings and areas with large wind pressure values.

7. The development of energy-saving doors and windows must abandon the traditional planned economy model that only promotes a single species. Do not mention only the plastic doors and windows for the development of energy-saving doors and windows. To fully develop all types of doors and windows, any type of door and window can be used as long as the performance meets the energy saving requirements.

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