"May 1" furniture cabbage price, Shunlian Furniture City 2 fold

"May 1" is coming again! The working people are on holiday, and the North District of Shunlian Furniture City also puts "price"! Before all kinds of promotional activities, what kind of tricks will the Shunlian North District make to break through? 2 fold during the "May 1" event, Shunlian Furniture City North District united hundreds of brand merchants, launched over 100 discount furniture, freezing point special offer, discount 2 fold! The most cost-effective products, missed no longer! The six-piece sofa is as low as 4,800 yuan, and the extra bed of the Gis furniture bed is 3,990 yuan... As low as 20% discount on furniture, "May 1" is in the northern area of ​​Shunlian Furniture City! Can attract enough attention during the “May 1st” discount period. The promotional products brought by Shunlian North District this year are not only in the daily bedroom living room, home boutique and other family sets, mahogany furniture, root carving, outdoor furniture. , and office furniture and other all-inclusive professional projects, as well as promotional sales during the same period, in order to meet the needs of consumers with a variety of purchases can also enjoy the same benefits during this holiday. In May, the promotion of May will continue in May. In addition to the “May 1st” promotion activities, Shunlian Furniture City North District will cooperate with Da Yue Network to hold “Lecong’s first furniture WeChat group purchase”. Free big delivery. For details of the activities, please pay attention to the "Shunlian Furniture City" WeChat service number or call the customer service hotline. This May, following the pace of activities in the Shunlian North District, you will not miss the unprecedented promotional offers!

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