Just need to release the furniture market, there is still space, multi-terminal is the trend of the store

Since the beginning of this year, the news of the eruption of the store in the home market has been endless, and the news that Xiangjiang Home lost the Chongqing market has once again shocked the industry. In addition to the introduction of related real estate policies, the continuous rise of operating costs in all aspects is also one of the important reasons. Some industry experts are pessimistic about the future development of the industry based on the analysis of the trend of the home market this year. However, through investigation, we can find that although the current market development is more difficult, in fact, traditional enterprises can still find their own development space. The rigid demand for housing has been released, and there is still room in the market. The entire home industry has been sluggish this year. Some industry insiders will point to one round after another, and they will not relax the property market regulation policy. They believe that the overall sluggish property market has directly dragged down the downstream home building materials industry. In fact, the regulation of the property market has released rigid demand, and home furnishing companies still have a certain living space. It is understood that consumers in the home market today are mainly divided into two types, one is improved housing, such consumers are middle and high-end users; the second is the first time home buyers, most of the houses purchased by such consumers are small units. . The investment purchaser's restricted purchase policy has a greater impact. In recent years, real estate developers have also promoted the focus on these two parts of demand, and small-sized units have become the top priority for real estate developers. The repeated regulation of the property market by the government has curbed the momentum of rising housing prices. When property investment is cold, it has released the demand for rigid housing, and small-sized units have also met the needs of more consumers. When the market continues this rational purchase demand, the downstream home building materials enterprises still have a certain living space. The industry as a whole is bleak, but this is related to the rapid development of the industry in the past few years. The industry crisis is creating good opportunities for shuffling, so market expectations are not as pessimistic as they seem to be. The trend of terminal diversification shows that for the past home stores, the single mode of operation is also one of the main reasons restricting its development, so that most enterprises have no flexible response mechanism when the whole industry faces life and death. Can not survive the industry crisis. Some experts predict that home store operations will start to fall into disrepair. In fact, traditional store operations still have their advantages. In addition, companies have long explored patterns, and today traditional operations have shown a multi-terminal trend. The operating advantage of the store is still there. Although the traditional store management is constrained by factors such as the current situation of sluggishness and high rents, it is undeniable that it still has strong competitiveness. As a large-sized durable goods, furniture has a long service life, so consumers' purchases tend to be rational. The store business model has the advantage of service. Under the guidance of inherent consumption habits, this model is still the first choice for most consumers. This year's Double Golden Week, some of the sales performance of the store did not fall, but it also proves that its vitality remains. The store is extended and enters the community. In the past two years, some furniture companies have begun to change their business ideas. From the past, they waited for consumers to go to the store to enter the life, and set up booths in the major living communities! According to the relevant person in charge of a well-known furniture company, this way of entering the community is the first step for the business to take the initiative to communicate with consumers. From the past stores to the current buyers, between the merchants and consumers. The distance is closer, and this model that is directly close to the consumer is the ultimate way out. Experience the museum-style operation. This year is a year of revolutionization of home business e-commerce. Many home building materials companies are trying to get rid of the current industry dilemma by taking the e-commerce road. The well-known American building materials business Debao also reported the cooperation with Jingdong Mall after closing the Chinese physical store. It seems that e-commerce has become the choice of countless home enterprises. For the localization of services that have been plaguing e-commerce companies, most home furnishing companies choose to adopt the O2O model, which is the combination of online purchase and offline experience, in order to eliminate the doubts of online shopping.

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