The featured column of "China's Lock Industry Merit" is on the line

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The modern character industry "People" column has been upgraded again. The new version of the interview report for the high-end characters in the lock industry - "China's lock industry meritorious figures" is about to be launched. The column promotes the role model of the industry and explores the theme of creating outstanding entrepreneurs. Through interviews and documentary forms, it shares the entrepreneur's success, personal style, corporate culture, witnesses the significant contribution of entrepreneurs to the industry and society, and builds Chinese locks. The industry atmosphere promotes the development of the modern lock industry.

Column positioning:
The outstanding entrepreneurs in the lock industry are the subject of interviews. The personal background and entrepreneurial experience lead to the successful enterprises behind them, and they are promoted to their contribution to the industry and society.
Column slogan:
Jincheng locks and casts brilliant.
Column purpose:
1. Emphasis is placed on the word “gongxun” to highlight the contribution to the industry and society through their deeds.
2. Record the truthfulness of the news and the narrative style of literature.
3, the style should highlight the grand atmosphere and establish the positive power of the characters.
Column audience:
Related companies and people in the lock industry, as well as dealers.
Column structure: layout: title, text, subtitle, related pictures
1, the background of the characters. Including the date of birth, university experience, professional experience, personal style and so on.
2. Corporate culture. Including the road to entrepreneurship, brand culture.
3, the essence of the characters. Including life beliefs, unique management and management concepts, market insight.
4. Product features. Including the product concept, the latest release of the product.
5, the character contribution. Includes awards received, major contributions to industry and society.
6, character interaction. At the end of the article, you can set up a member message board, and everyone can comment and ask questions.
Column features:
1. Successful characters are always eye-catching. They open up special topics for the meritorious figures in the lock industry, focus on the essence of the industry, set an example for the industry, and draw attention from the industry to promote the development of the industry.
2, the record is based on news documentary, highlighting the authority of the column. The narrative incorporates literary techniques and highlights the emotional appeal of the column, which easily resonates with readers.
3. Through the story, the fresh enterprise behind the characters is introduced, which is easy for the reader to accept, thus promoting the enterprise.
4. The characters have made significant contributions to the national society. This column has vigorously promoted and disseminated the positive energy of the industry.
5, the column can be set up at the end of the "Member" message board, it is an interactive link, such as readers want to conduct business cooperation with the protagonist, can be recommended through the lock trade.
Selection criteria:
1. Founding a company for more than three years.
2. Have a certain influence and outstanding contribution in the industry.
3. Have a good reputation in the industry and society.
4. The annual operating output value is over 10 million.
media support:
As the first marketing media of modern lock industry, Lock Tradelink will fully integrate its series of media resources: Modern Lock Industry Network "Modern Lock Industry" bimonthly, "Chinese Locksmith" journal, "China Door and Window Package" newspaper, Weibo, The WeChat public platform and other synchronous reprints published the interviewed articles of the interviewed companies.
Follow-up activities:
1. After the event is over 100 people, you can assemble and publish the album of "China's Lock Industry Merit" and give it to the companies and industry related organizations.
2. Hold a grand ceremony when necessary to present awards to outstanding meritorious figures.
3. Organizational high-end development forum for lock industry.
Note: This column is a special charity column for the industry. It does not charge any fees to the companies surveyed and participates in free of charge.
Special section URL: http://

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